Premiere for hydraulic luffing system

2012-06-18 [00:00]

WOLFFKRAN completes its range of luffing cranes with the innovative WOLFF 166 B


Heilbronn – June 2012. Statistics of the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) confirm the large global demand for luffing cranes in the lower load moment range. Premium manufacturer WOLFFKRAN is meeting this demand by introducing the new WOLFF 166 B, a 160 mt luffing crane, which ranks between the successful 100 B and 224 B luffing cranes. Due to  hydraulic luffing system of the 166 B WOLFFKRAN also takes a new leader of the pack on board in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

Besides quality and performance, efficiency and economy play an ever-increasing role in the decision to purchase a crane. With the 166 B WOLFFKRAN meets all requirements of contemporary crane technology. The new flat-top design without rope luffing gear makes the new WOLFF a champion in its weight class when it comes to assembly and transport. “Our goal was to offer the customer a broader bandwidth while improving flexibility and energy balance,” says Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN.

The prototype of the new high flyer is due to be unveiled in Switzerland on 11th June 2012.


Convincing load capacity

In addition to its compact design, the WOLFF 166 B offers impressive performance. The maximum load in double-reeved operation is 12 t and in single-reeved operation 6 t. The jib line-up ranges from 25 m to 55 m and can be extended in 5 m stages. “With the model currently in highest demand with a jib length of 50 m the 166 B achieves a maximum tip load of 2.8 t in single-reeved operation,” explains Jochen Ziegler, Project Manager at WOLFFKRAN. “In an industry comparison that amounts to a best performance.”

The basic version of the 166 B is already equipped with a powerful 60 kW hoist winch that enables hook path of 500 m in single-reeved operation.


Flexibility in assembly and use

The hoist winch of the 166 B was positioned on the jib, ensuring easy maintenance. The winch can also easily be replaced – depending on the construction project – by an alternative winch. The hoist rope is laid out to enable even easier pre-assembly of the entire jib on the ground.

Extremely simple is also the installation of the counterweight blocks, which are lowered onto a support tube from above and secured towards the crane centre. Due to the bolted-on construction of the frame for the counterweight blocks, more compact versions with steel weights are possible.

The compactness of the new WOLFF also proves to be a clear advantage on the construction site. The small ˮout-of-serviceˮ jib position is particularly interesting for customers with confined construction sites or strict over-sailing regulations.


Economical and intelligent

The WOLFF 166 B is powerful while at the same time cost saving due to the load sensing control of the hydraulic cylinder that moves the jib. The intelligent system adjusts the speed of the luffing crane according to the load. The 166 B thus manages with a relatively small motor of only 22 kW, reaching a luffing time of 90 seconds.

Hydraulic cylinder and unit, as all other system components of the luffing mechanism, are compactly mounted in the connecting frame. The latter can either be lifted on the tower alone or as a single unit together with the slewing frame and lower section of the tower head – a further plus factor in assembly and transport.


Increased safety and comfort

In addition to all the technical innovations the 166 B leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to safety and comfort, as WOLFFKRAN Product Manager Tiedtke points out: “Galvanized platforms and railings ensure safe assembly and accessibility of all relevant crane parts,” says Tiedtke. “In addition, the 166 B is the first WOLFF to be equipped with the new cabin which has been fully optimised in terms of working comfort and safety.”

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